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The Best Window Blinds & Shades To Use In Your Workspace

Whether you work from home or commute to your office, some days can be relatively relaxed. More often than not, it’s about clear thinking, concentration, and action. A large part of your effectiveness will depend upon the amount of sunlight that hits your workspace. Too much of it – especially if the sun’s rays are streaming directly through your windows – can be really uncomfortable, but an office that relies on artificial light can feel flat and cold.
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<strong>Window Treatments For Your Workspace</strong><br />

Imagine being able to diffuse the unforgiving glare from the sun into light that transforms your workspace into a welcoming, relaxed area. Window coverings also reduce ambient noise, and enhances privacy. That sort of versatility comes to you with <u><a href="">Silhouette® Window Shadings</a></u>, <u><a href="">Pirouette® Window Shadings</a></u>, and <u><a href="">Luminette® Privacy Sheers</a></u>, or with <u><a href="">Roller Blinds</a></u>.
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<strong>Stay Bright, Be Productive</strong><br />

For lovers of natural light, Silhouette Shades offer a beautiful way to create a conducive work environment. These horizontal window blinds employ a unique system of soft, rotating fabric vanes that can filter the starkest daylight and gently diffuse it across your workspace.<br />
By tilting the vanes to control the amount of light that washes across your workspace, you can filter out harsh glare and instantly reduce heat by up to 25%. And with the vanes fully closed, you can enjoy almost total protection from UV rays.<br /><br />

When it comes to an innovation in window coverings that combines art and function, Pirouette Shades are the ultimate in flexibility. Light dances through the contoured front-facing fabric vanes of these office window blinds which, when open, provide a clear view of the outside while offering complete protection to yourself and your furniture from the harsh effects of direct sunlight.<br />
Pirouette Shades are custom-built to ensure consistent vane alignment for windows where dimensions differ from one to the next and can be raised completely into the headrail for a totally unobstructed view of the outside.<br /><br />

The real deal in window coverings for your workspace comes with Duette Shades. At the cutting-edge of design, the Duette range is the original cellular shades, specifically engineered to provide light filtration and energy efficiency, while looking stylish and modern. These honeycomb blinds trap air in distinct pockets, creating insulation that helps lower energy consumption.<br />
Duette Shades are available in a vast range of materials, colours, opacities, and textures. Moisture-resistant fabrics and pioneering operation system options such as Top-Down/Bottom-Up and Duette Duolite make these shades a leading choice for any shape or size of the window.<br /><br />

There are many who prefer the look and feel of roller blinds to curtains. Roller Blinds combine fashion and function with luxurious fabrics that filter glare and reflect solar heat while letting you enjoy the views outside. With solutions for large window expanses, light filtering that ranges from translucent to blackout, bespoke construction, and operating options from cordless to motorized, window roller blinds are the perfect answer to any workspace setting, be it at home or in an office.<br />
Whatever your requirements for your workspace, not only does a range of window covering solutions and operating systems exist to suit every budget, attention to detail is a hallmark that will let discerning consumers and designers alike rest easy when it comes to quality, variety, and design.<br />
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<strong>The Last Word</strong><br />
Beauty, style, and functionality come together as one through the entire range of our window coverings. It is your comfort that remains paramount in our approach; so light control, ease of maintenance, almost total protection from harmful UV rays, without unduly compromising your views of the world outside is a balance we strive for every day. Because we also worship the work we do.

Best Window Blinds And Shades To Use In Your Bedroom

When buying your home, you probably paid quite a bit of attention to understanding the direction that each room faces, and the amount of light streaming in. What’s just as important is knowing how far up your home is from ground level, and height and type of constructions that may impede the light entering the rooms in your home.
All these play an important role in determining the type of
window coverings that will suit each room. But it also goes without saying that bedrooms are where you’d like the highest amount of light control, and quietude.
Window Treatments For Your Bedroom
Waking up in the morning should be a gradual, transformative experience; one that sets you up for the day ahead. The range of sheers, blinds, and shades that will enable you to achieve the level of comfort desired are many, as is the functionality, look and feel, and quality of fabrics for you to choose from.
Light Control For Extraordinary Comfort
When it comes to privacy, unmatched diffusion of light, and reducing extraneous noise in your bedroom, there are few options that offer the versatility provided by Duette® Honeycomb Shades, Luminette® Privacy Sheers, and Pirouette® Shades.
If you’re lucky enough to have tall and wide windows in your bedroom, Luminette® Privacy Sheers can cover an area of 16 ft by 12 ft in a single expanse. These vertical fabric blinds can be stacked in their entirety either to the left or right, or split equally to stack on either side of the window opening.
When it comes to innovation for your comfort, the Duette® Honeycomb Shades were the first cellular blinds specially engineered to keep your bedroom cooler in summer, and warmer in winter. The honeycomb construction traps air in distinct pockets, creating an extra level of insulation that can help lower your energy consumption, saving you money to boot.
Energy efficiency, four different opacities, anti-static, dust-, soil-, and water-resistant capabilities, not forgetting the ‘Top-down’/’Bottom-up’ option, makes the Duette a popular choice amongst those for whom ease-of-use is paramount. The ultimate in flexibility lies with a modern alternative to the look and feel of traditional fabric blinds - Pirouette® Shades. Flatten the vanes for a smooth finish, raise the vanes slightly for a gentle contoured look, or open the vanes in their entirety to provide a clear view of the outside. You also have the choice of semi-opaque and room-darkening fabric opacities, two vane sizes and a wide variety of colours.
Pirouette® Shades are custom-built to ensure windows of varying heights have consistent vane alignment from window-to-window when ordered in the same fabric and vane size.
All these window covering systems have room-darkening options in a wide variety of fabrics, and varied textures and colours that will seamlessly match the palette of your bedrooms. The fabrics are durable, UV-resistant (even when the vanes are open), and will let you enjoy the silence by lowering the intensity of outside sound by over two-thirds. With operating systems ranging from the manual, to fully automated across the three products., tranquillity is at your beck and call.
Roller Shades & Wood Blinds – Rich, Simple, Versatile
Constructed from the finest woods harvested from responsibly managed forests, wooden window blinds are not just timeless, they add warmth, clean lines, and natural beauty to your bedroom.
Fashioned in a variety of slat sizes, stylish colours, and paint and stain finishes that maintain their polish over time, these blinds – be they rich hardwood blinds, faux wood blinds, or vertical wooden blinds – will add a certain je ne sais quoi to your bedroom, while maintaining the highest levels of privacy. The de-Light™ feature eliminates cord holes and reduces light leaks, blocking 50% more light than a traditional wooden blind.
When it comes to Roller Shades, this ‘go-to’ classic has associated with it, premium fabrics, stunning designs and colours, bespoke production, cordless operation or motorised controls, and extra-large widths that provide an easy solution for large feature windows.
With clean lines and straightforward operation, Roller Shades curtains look equally beautiful in a modern, restrained space as they do under drapes in a classic, traditional setting. Translucent window roller blinds allow for indoor light to be softly diffused. And when you have blackout roller blinds, you can completely eliminate the glare from the outside disrupting your environment inside.
One thing’s for sure, whether you prefer roller shades or wooden blinds, light control, UV protection, and durability are de rigueur.
The Last Word
Your bedroom deserves an ambience that will not only allow you a good night’s sleep, but enhance your level of comfort at all times. Be they sheers, shades, or blinds; fabric or wooden; vertical or horizontal; ease of operation, room darkening, unlimited light and privacy control, make it an easy decision as to what’s needed to make the bedroom a veritable Shangri-La. The only problem? Choosing from the vast range of modern designs, eye-popping colours, and operating systems that bring you the comfort you desire.

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Best Window Blinds & Shades To Use In The Living Room

As the name suggests, the living room is a common area of the home that brings families together. Amongst many activities, we enjoy our morning cup of tea, relax, read, watch TV, listen to music, and entertain family and friends. The living room also defines the lifestyle we choose to live and the way it is designed is a reflection of that lifestyle, including when it comes to the choice of window treatments.


Window Treatments For Your Living Room


Light can transform a home when you know how to manage it, but you also need a set of window treatments that enable it. Whatever your needs, there are a variety of blinds and shades that are as fashionable as they are functional, that enhance the ambience of your living room.



Superior Styling, Extraordinary Comfort


A perfect combination of style and comfort for any living room is provided by the Duette® Honeycomb Shades. These blinds have a unique cellular construction design that adds a layer of insulation at the window, so you are comfortable through the seasons, while also reducing energy consumption and external noise.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades come in a range of pleat sizes, fabrics (including moisture resistant ones), colours, opacities and textures that work beautifully with the decor of any living room. You can even combine two fabrics on the same shade for more light control, or choose the Top-Down/Bottom-Up option that enhances your views of the outside, while still maintaining privacy.


With this versatility are also solutions for unusual window shapes and types – be they large picture windows, arches, sidelights or circles. Enjoying peace and quietude isn’t a luxury. With the hustle and bustle of modern life, it has become a necessity, and these honeycomb blinds bring that home to you.



Innovative Draperies That Transform Light


Luminette® Privacy Sheers combine sheer drapery panels with soft, vertical rotating fabric vanes fixed to the back of the sheer to provide light control and privacy. When the vanes are rotated open, the sheer fabric diffuses sunlight into a softer, more ethereal version of itself. You can rotate the vanes to direct light where you'd like, or close them to enjoy the privacy provided by traditional draperies.


Available in many options, all of which can bring an integrated look to your living room, these vertical fabric blinds are the perfect choice for wide expanses of glass, sliding doors, and other large window openings. These sheers can also be positioned to protect your floors and furniture from UV damage, while leaving unobstructed your views to the outside.

And in order to maintain a sleek, modern look, the hardware is concealed behind the headrail, adding a refined and elegant look to your windows.





Pirouette® Window Shadings provide a bold and modern alternative to the look and feel of traditional fabric blinds. Softly contoured fabric vanes magically transform harsh daylight by diffusing  it, giving you complete control over light filtration, privacy, and views of the world beyond. 


A large part of the uniqueness of the Pirouette® Window Shadings is the revolutionary Invisi-Lift™ system that allows the vanes to float gracefully on a single sheer backing. They block up to 81% of harmful UV rays when the vanes are fully open, and 99% when closed. Whatever setting you choose, your flooring and furnishings are protected.


Pirouette® Window Shadings are available with both light-filtering and room-darkening fabric opacities, two vane sizes and a wide variety of colours to perfectly complement your room’s colour palette. Of course, the full beauty of the fabric will be visible to all within the living room.


The Last Word


While you could have drapes, shades, blinds or sheers, or a combination of them, the beauty lies in mixing and matching different window treatments to achieve the ambience you desire. Drapes add layers of texture when combined with blinds or shades, while sheers allow for a softness not possible with other window treatments.


So whether you’re looking to regulate ambient temperature, have greater control over light, or fabrics that are not only modern, but stylish in design, then there are few options that can help create that look throughout your living room.

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Blinds That Help You See

If you’re amongst the many for whom the solace of sleep requires a completed darkened room, blackout lining on your window coverings are a boon. However, curtains aren’t necessarily the best solution, as there’s always light filtering through from all sides. Your best bet is actually to install window roller blinds or curtain roller blinds to minimize the amount of light seepage. Not only do these blinds come in attractive styles, but they also come with blackout lining, making your sleep the stuff of dreams.

Windows To The World

Simple, classic, and elegant, window roller blinds and
curtain roller blinds provide a clean, contemporary look to windows, and are ideal to enjoy unobstructed views to your world. They occupy very little space and are easily hidden within the window recess, making your rooms look much larger in the process. They also effectively filter glare, reflect solar heat, and can be customised to fit any size of the window. And when you want your world to extend no further than your own four walls, blackout roller blinds will transform even the brightest of rooms to a cosy, private space.

Finding the perfect window roller blinds for your home is easy. We have a wide range of fabrics, colours, design options, and texture combinations for you to choose from.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Whether your aesthetic is minimalistic, contemporary, or statement-making, blackout roller blinds are precision-engineered for silent, smooth operation and a minimal light gap, providing extra privacy in the rooms that require it. They work beautifully in all spaces, and are available in varying levels of opacity, giving you control over how much light comes through, thereby preventing UV rays from damaging your furniture and valuables in the bargain.


There’s more than meets the eye with cordless Sonnette™ Roller Blinds, one that gives it more than an edge over a traditional roller blind. They feature an innovative design and double-layer construction that creates a warm, glowing effect by filtering light through two separate fabrics.

Key Features

Energy Efficiency – The proprietary cellular construction provides a secondary layer that insulates your home in the winter and keeps it cool during the summer. That special layer provides superior energy efficiency over traditional roller blinds.

Room Darkening – In addition to the beautiful range of fabrics, they also come with semi-opaque and room-darkening options that allow for an extra layer of privacy where required.

Easy To Use – Sonnette window roller blinds are completely cord-free, and ideal for homes with young children or pets. It comes with the LiteRise® cordless operating system, with which you can control the opening and closing of your blinds with the touch of a finger. Alternatively, there is the SoftTouch™ Motorization system, a unique battery-powered system that operates with an intuitive wand-controller. But for the ultimate in convenience, PowerView® Motorization enables you to synchronize and schedule your window roller blinds to move automatically using the PowerView App on your mobile device.

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Beautiful Living, Smart Living



Do you remember a time when cinema halls had curtains that, when drawn open, heralded the beginning of the main show? Now picture your home where you can appreciate the view and experience light exactly how you want it, no matter the time, just by the press of a button. Or better still, it just happens. Magically! Automatic window blinds, in a new and fresh avatar.


Bring Scenes To Life


Having to deal with harsh light isn’t much fun. But neither do most people want to keep their homes in relative darkness during daylight hours. So whether your window coverings include sheers, blinds, drapes, or a combination thereof, imagine being able to create an ambience that reflects the passage of time through the day. Follow a few simple steps, and voila, your blinds will adjust automatically, moving only at the time you’ve chosen.


That’s the control PowerView® Motorization brings. This innovative, wireless system for window blinds was awarded the Red Dot Design Award – the most coveted accolade in the world of design – in 2018. It allows you to programme blinds to operate independently of each other, and automatically move to the exact position you want, at the time you want. Perfect lighting, convenience, and energy conservation all rolled into one. 


Smart Home, Smarter Living


This precise and convenient control can be effected via the Pebble Control, voice commands using devices from Amazon, or the Apple® and Android™ compatible PowerView® App for smartphones and tablets. Alongside the convenience of cordless operation, the system creates a safer environment for homes with young children and pets.


Pebble® and Surface Remote – Central to the PowerView® Motorisation system is the easy-to-use, hand-held or wall-mounted remote that lets you control and adjust a single-window covering, or that for an entire room.


The Pebble Control offers a contemporary alternative to a traditional remote control. You can pre-set and operate up to half-a-dozen different combinations of settings for your window blinds with just a press of a button. Ergonomically designed and beautiful to look at, the Pebble is available in a range of modern colours.


Additionally, when your smartphone or tablet isn’t within reach, the Pebble Scene Controller can be used to trigger pre-programmed settings on-demand. Both are also available as Surface Controls that can be affixed to a wall.


Voice Recognition – If you can use voice recognition to play music, why can’t the same facility be used to control your window blinds? The PowerView system can be synchronised with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri®, or the Google Assistant, and integrated with smart-home systems to activate the window settings you’ve programmed in, hands-free.


PowerView App – Using the App on your smartphone or tablet, you can create and schedule customized room settings that allow your window blinds to move to your preferred positions during the course of the day. You can even schedule settings to move with the sunrise or sunset based on your location.


For the ultimate in convenience, the PowerView® Motorisation system is the perfect way to manage your shades whether you’re home or on holiday.

Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades- Where Beauty & Innovation Come Together

We’re all familiar with the old adage of never judging a book by its cover. And that sentiment is certainly true when it comes to Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades because behind the beautiful drapery lies two features that are truly innovative in design, making these blinds multi-dimensional.


The Simplicity Of A Roller Shade, Plus Energy Efficiency

At first glance, you could easily think the Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades are nothing more than simple designer roller blinds. But there’s more to it than meets the eye, one where innovation and design come together to create a new experience.

This unique and surprising roller window shade is actually crafted from two layers of fabric, whose softly curved contours diffuse light and create a soft glow within your room. And what’s more, that undetectable second layer provides added insulation, making these cellular shades energy-efficient.


Key Features


Energy Efficiency – Our proprietary cellular construction provides an energy-efficient layer that insulates your home in the winter and cools it down in the summer, providing a far more effective temperature control solution to that of traditional roller window shades.


Ease of Use – Sonnette shades is available with the LiteRise® cordless operating system, by which you can control your blinds with the touch of a finger. Alternatively, you could opt for SoftTouch™ Motorization, a unique battery-powered system that comes with a simple and intuitive wand-controlled operation. Both these systems are completely cord-free, making it ideal for homes with young children.


For the ultimate in convenience, PowerView® Motorization enables you to schedule your shades to open and close automatically using the PowerView App on your mobile device.


Colour Options – We understand that window roller blinds can be more than just a functional element. We also know that people’s tastes and preferred styles vary. We have created four fabric collections that include many beautiful colours, ranging from popular whites and neutrals to more vibrant tones. Not only that, but we also have semi-opaque and room-darkening options, both of which, when combined with the numerous fabric options, offer enough of a variety to suit your needs.


Roman Shades - The Perfect Roman

Most of us are familiar with blinds. More often than not in our offices, creating a welcome screen from the glare or heat from outside. Functional pieces of soft furnishings, their cords often get in the way. But it is also true that not all blinds are created equal.

Imagine a set of blinds that is uniform, has no exposed rear cords, and that can be created as contoured or with flat-fabric folds. We’ve eliminated all those fiddly issues from the standard blinds, and created Roman window blinds that are flawless, and modern. Now, in your mind’s eye, imagine the perfect Roman gracing the windows in your home.

The Modern Roman Window Blinds


Our blinds combine the soft look of fabric folds, the convenience of a conventional blind, and ease of operation. Stacking smoothly and evenly when raised, our Roman window blinds can bring an elegant look to your home, be it traditional, or contemporary and relaxed.




With consistent folds and no exposed rear cords, your windows stay uncluttered, ensuring a clean and crisp look to the room. The fabric choices are vast, as are the fold styles, sizes, colours and opacities. This is the perfect alternative to the traditional Roman shade.

Vignette® Duolite®


The Duolite option fulfils your desire for the best of both worlds – soft, natural light, or soothing darkness. Designed to work on a single roller, this revolutionary design combines a sheer front shade that filters light, with a room-darkening back panel for added privacy. It is day-night convenience at your fingertips.



The Vignette range comes in two different styles:

  • The Rolling Style – This has a 4” full fold or 6” flat fold, and rolls up into the headrail

  • The Stacking Style – The fabric stacks neatly beneath a low-profile headrail for shallow mounting depths and is available in a 4” full fold


Key Features

Premium Sheer – Our new sheer fabric, Leela, comes in six subtle colours, and can be used either as a standalone on the Vignette Modern Roman Shade, or as the front shade fabric in the Duolite option.


Elegance & Style – All Vignette shades retain a consistent, full or flat fold appearance, and require minimal fabric dressing while being raised or lowered. The fabric options are durable, come in exquisite designs, require minimal maintenance, and are easy to clean.


Ease Of Use – Powerview® Motorisation, EasyRiseTM, and UltraGlide® are the operating systems available for use with our Roman window blinds, none of which rely on dangly cords that disrupt the look of your windows.

Powerview Motorisation: Your Home, Your Rules

The ethereal beauty of the light from the rising sun has held humankind in awe for time immemorial. For millennia, when dusk brought the curtain down on our day, dawn signalled the raising of that very curtain. Things have changed, the biggest one being that we have the ability to create and experience light exactly how we want to, but the one constant? The beauty of the rising sun cannot be matched.

Automatic Window Blinds That Move To Your Schedule

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to the soothing rays of the morning sun, rather than the often jarring sound of an alarm clock? Or create a comfortable and quiet environment before you went to bed without ever touching your window blinds? While the drawing open or closing of window blinds is simple, technology has added a level of control no manual system can match.

The PowerView® Motorization system has been developed with convenient and varied control of window blinds in mind. This state-of-the-art system was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award in 2018, one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design.

From the simplest operation of drawing window coverings open or shut, not only can you operate any window covering independently, but schedule variations to suit your own needs – whether you’re at home or not. After all, it’s your home and your light to control.


Form And Function Rolled Into One

It is said that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but when combined with simplicity and functionality, the combination will be attractive to anyone. There are various options available to programme your window treatments, chief amongst them being the Pebble® Remote Control, voice activation, and the PowerView® App. 

  • Smart Homes For Smart People – Connect your entire home by integrating PowerView® Motorization with your smart-home system. You can store settings for your blinds and access your schedule with the PowerView® App on your phone, or through your wi-fi network. There is no better way to manage your window blinds when you’re home or away.

  • The Rock That Knows How To Roll – Forget the clunky remote controls that are scattered across your home. Instead, use the stylish and ergonomically designed Pebble® remote control to programme up to six different settings for your blinds.
  • Voice Activation – Whether you’re in a rush leaving home, or taking it easy on your sofa, voice control lets you open and close your blinds with simple verbal commands to your smart-home system. It’s the ideal hands-free solution to altering the stream of natural light to your home.

  • Make Energy Efficiency Your Byword – We’ve all felt the effects of stifling heat and the cold of winter. With our automatic window blinds, you can schedule when they close in the morning and re-open in the afternoon, thereby keeping the temperature of your home within a narrower range than otherwise. With a motorized system, there’s less need for air conditioning and heating and more opportunity for energy savings.

So, if you’re looking for solutions to manage the light that brightens your home, our automatic window blinds or remote control blinds, provide just the ticket to come back to the future with.

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Curls, Swirls, And Contours

The debate between form and function has been an age-old one, and whichever side of the divide you stand on, simple aesthetics can elevate the look of even the most functional of spaces. When it comes to designing your home, the outcome is usually a result of balancing form vs. function, and cost. When it comes to office window blinds, there is usually only one criterion – utility.

But when form and function come together in harmony, as they do with Pirouette® Window Shadings, light dances in ways that can transform your home or your office. And the transformation is dramatic!

From Illusion To Reality

When it comes to office window blinds, the choice is usually between light, or dark with artificial light.

The Pirouette® Window Shadings features a striking innovation, one that has elevated the simple window blind into a work of art. With clean lines and no cords, the horizontal vanes seem to float on air, but that isn’t illusory. The sheer back panel supports the entire fabric construction, which is when reality dawns.

The vanes move gracefully during its opening and closing, which allows you to achieve a multitude of light control options. This definitely does come handy while assessing a presentation in your office when the glare from the outside is particularly harsh.

While the diffusion of sunlight is essential, the blinds also help filter out harmful UV rays and increase privacy when you need it. With the Pirouette range, a bold and modern look is enhanced by the fact that it can be recessed into the headrail for an unobstructed view of the outside world.

Office Window Blinds For Tomorrow, Today

The innovations that come along with the Pirouette® Window Shadings aren’t just restricted to its operation. The range of the vanes extends from being completely flattened for privacy, to being softly contoured to allow the degree of light filtration you desire.

Leading architects and decorators, and discerning consumers who seek the best in design, have been captivated by the extensive selection of fabrics, textures and colours that are on offer with the Pirouette® Window Shadings.

Fabrics are available with semi-opaque and room-darkening opacities. They also come in two vane sizes and an assortment of colours that will perfectly complement your aesthetic sensibilities. So no matter the style or décor of your office, there are designs and fabrics that will work for you.

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Duette® Honeycomb Shades - For Your Windows To The World

Honeycombs – one of nature’s most effective patterns – make the most efficient use of space and building materials. Humans began finding uses for this pattern more than 3,000 years ago, though its practical adoption only began just over 100 years ago.


Our designers and engineers knew that almost 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy is lost through windows. They also realized the worth of the honeycomb as a means of improving insulation. After years of research to perfect its design, operation, and manufacture, we launched a path-breaking window covering in 1985. One that still continues to lead the field when it comes to window coverings.




When it came to energy efficiency, Duette® Honeycomb Shades were the first window coverings created for homes in both cold and warm climates. The honeycomb construction traps air in distinct pockets, creating insulation that helps keep your house warm in winter, and cool in summer, helping lower energy consumption and hence, your energy bills. Our latest innovation, Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades, features a double honeycomb design for even greater energy efficiency.

Window coverings are also meant to control the amount of natural light that enters your home. Our designers have always prided themselves on capturing the beauty that light brings. When caught appropriately, it creates a feeling of pure contentment. Duette® Honeycomb Shades perfectly diffuse light – no matter the season.



The benefits of the Duette® Honeycomb Shades aren’t just restricted to energy efficiency and the diffusion of light.

  • Premium Design & Style – Tastes and preferences of our customers vary, as do the expectations of leading architects and interior designers. So whether you’re planning a classic or contemporary look, we have a suite of exclusive design-inspired fabrics, textures, colors, and hardware that will more than meet your needs, while enhancing interiors, providing comfort, light diffusion, and privacy.

  • Ultimate Versatility – Windows come in many shapes. We’re all familiar with square and rectangular-shaped windows, but include arches, quarter circles, circles, hexagons, and octagons. Our signature Duette® Honeycomb Shades offers an expansive selection of cellular pleat sizes, opacities, colors, textures, and operating systems. And if you happen to have a skylight, we have solutions for that too.

  • The Best Of Both Worlds – An innovation yet to be surpassed, the Duette Duolite® combines two fabrics – one light filtering, the other room darkening – in a single shade, providing the ideal option for regulating light and privacy.

  • Room Darkening—The LightLock system, the newest innovation from Duette is the first operating system to offer unparalleled darkness. So whether you want to watch your TV with no harsh glare reflecting off it, or you like to sleep in total darkness, our unique side-channel design absorbs or deflects nearly all light from seeping into the room.

  • Durability – All our high-performing fabrics are UV-protected, making them resistant to fading, and will maintain their crisp, neat pleats over time. Additionally, fabrics can be anti-static, dust- and moisture-resistant too, maintaining their beauty for years to come.

  • Vertical Application – Not all windows are made equal. Glass doors and French windows may require vertical coverings, or perhaps extra insulation. The Duette Vertiglide operating system is the answer, and it uses the same fabrics as your horizontal Duette shades. Use one shade to cover the entire expanse of sliding windows, or, cover the door with a split-stack Vertiglide shade, with each side operating independently.

  • Sound Absorption – Noise pollution is increasingly a feature in the modern world. Duette® Honeycomb Shades absorb up to 80% of sound energy – improving your room’s acoustics while reducing the intensity of outside sound – creating a more quiet, tranquil space.

Design, innovation, and splendor combine beautifully in the Duette® window blinds. Our signature honeycomb shades will beautify every kind of interior, and be the envy of many.

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Roller Shades: The Eye-Opener For Your Room

In offices the world over, roller blinds are a popular choice of window covering due to its versatility, practicality, and affordability. As the name suggests, these blinds are made from a continuous panel of fabric or material that rolls up, and when raised, isn’t visible to the naked eye. Such blinds come in a variety of fabrics and styles and work in any setting – home or office, shop or restaurant – and with almost any décor.

The Many Shades of Roller Blinds


Given that roller blinds come in many different types, the big question is the type that best meets your needs. Traditional Roller Blinds, or roller screen shades? Popular for their sleek look and flexibility, extensive fabric colours and designs, and multiple light-filtering options, including blackout roller blinds, the choice is yours.


For rooms that get a lot of sun, the option of roller blind offers a tremendous advantage over curtains exist. These offer excellent UV protection while maintaining the view of your surroundings. Coverings like the Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades combine the energy-efficient construction of a cellular shade with the clean lines of a std roller blind, giving you the best of both worlds


Different Styles Of Roller Blinds


Sheers, opaques, patterns, textures, and colours – there are plenty of choices for you. We have hundreds of fabrics and as well as top and bottom treatments – including fabric pelmets – enabling you to customize blinds that fit almost any application.


Even more versatile is our innovative system that combines two blinds on a single headrail. With Roller Blinds, fabrics of different opacities can be combined to achieve varying degrees of light control. Using Roller Blinds with motorization in combination with our sun control devices will not only offer you a seamless experience but also superior solar heat control.

Where Do Roller Blinds Work Best?


Whether your design sensibilities are modern or traditional, these blinds work extremely well due to their clean, neutral appearance. When installed behind the curtains in your room, they add style and an extra layer of privacy. And if you have a beautiful view, enjoy it in its entirety, because when raised, the blinds disappear completely into the headrail.


The really great thing about such blinds is that they can be mounted a number of ways. An inside mount highlights your windows, while an outside mount covers the window frames.

Blinds That Lead All Blinds


With its clean, modern look, light-control options, a multitude of designs and fabric choices that can be customized to fit all sorts of window sizes and styles, roller blinds could be the solution you’re looking for. Features like the dual-roller option and innovative lifting systems allow for even more flexibility. And best of all? Roller blinds are easy to clean and just as easy to maintain.


Using Roller Blinds with motorization in combination with our sun control devices will not only offer you a seamless experience but also superior solar heat control.


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We are serious committed to protect children

13 years ago, the mother of Gavin Walla caught the moment when the then four-year old Gavin was being strangled silently by a window cord. Gavin fortunately survived but many other kids are not so lucky. Recently, a two-year old Malaysian toddler in Ipoh died of strangulation after playing with a curtain tie-back. Although this is heart-breaking news, it serves as a reminder to check on possible hazards in our home when we have a child, including curtains and blinds.

When child-proofing your window coverings, look no further than Hunter Douglas. Although there are no laws regarding child proof products in Malaysia, Hunter Douglas is ahead of the curve by providing the highest quality, custom-made window shades with child safety support. These assurances are echoed in the latest system, the PowerView® Motorization, an innovative system available with most Hunter Douglas products.

The PowerView® system is a cordless system that uses the intuitive PowerView® App to control and schedule your shades, all without the use of cords. This eliminates the risk of a child strangled by window cords, but the benefits does not stop there.

Most PowerView® motorized window treatments are battery-powered, with the battery-pack hidden behind the headrail. This cordless system not only creates a safer environment for children by removing the threat of child entanglement, it also reduces the risk of electrocution.

The benefit of having motorized shades does not stop at toddlers, but our older children as well. Sometimes, we may leave our older children alone at home to run errands. Motorizing your shades can be a way to simulate the presence of a grown-up at home, as changing the position of shades may make it appear as if someone is inside. This could make your home less of a target for theft.

One can never be overly cautious when it comes to their child’s safety.

How to Use The 2017 Colour of The Year

The Pantone Colour of 2017, Greenery, is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Greenery illustrates the flourishing foliage and the lushness of the great outdoors, and we’ve got some ideas on how to make green your next to go shade in your lovely abode:

1. It loves texture: Explore the possibilities of using greenery in different textures for your furnishings. When combining with velvets or weaves, green can add some instant richness without being overpowering; a real grown up touch.

2. It can take change: Green in different shades work well together rather than fighting, so using it as a backdrop means you can use it to pull other items together coherently. Also, green is a neutral palette that blends with many other hues perfectly. For a soothing space, combine greens with earthy hues such as brown and beige; or add red and gold accessories to green background for an instant festive atmosphere.

3. It has unexpected qualities: With a yellow base tone, green hues can enhance the glowing effect of daylight and make a room look brighter and sunnier. Try the different transparencies in our Duette® window shades range for making the most of it.

4. It makes you feel good: Calming on the nervous system, green can turn a plain space into a relaxing one just by adding in some small accessories or a pot of greenery plant by the window.

5. It can be modern or traditional: Interestingly, green doesn’t feel attached to a design period, so you can use it anyway you want and the colour remains timeless.

6. It is a neutral colour: If you are bored with the either blue-trains-theme or pink-ballerinas-theme nursery designs, opt for a scheme based on nature and animals that works for all kids of different genders and will last longer than the latest fad.

7. It is versatile: Used as blinds or shades or rug, greenery can change up an otherwise neutral scheme from dry to dramatic. Try it in sheers at the window, woolen-tufty rugs or as throws for a 2017 update you won’t have to commit to long term.


Christmas Decoration Tips

Add a touch of glam and set a joyful ambience to your abode with the trendiest colours and elements, be it an eye-catching splash of bold red or playful nutcrackers. These tips will give you some ideas on decorating your home to get ready for a colourful gift-giving festive season!

Festive season is all about getting around with the people you love and enjoy the moment together. Transform your adobe ambience to a festive ready mood by combining accessories of green, red, gold, and white.

If you think hanging ornaments from a tree is too typical, hang these sparkly globes from the ceiling beams instead. Keep it classy and trendy by emphasizing on statement red hue, complement by silvery metal.

White and grey decorations give your house a light and airy feeling full of depth and dimension of winter white.

Deck the halls of your home for the holiday with beautiful white and grey décors, such as white Christmas tree, candles, decorative snow, ornaments and white table setting collections.

Dress up you window shading with little gift box, stars, and painted sticks of matching colour.

Set up a present corner with ornaments or bells for a gift-giving festive season setting. Adorn your gifts with ribbons and wrapping papers of similar hues for cohesive look and feel.

A full-fledged tree is not a must to create the festive mood. Instead, opt for this cute, bite-size tree and dress it up with colour coordinated ornaments and pinecones!

A bold pop of crimson red adds a festive feel and drama at the windows – perfect for holiday time and all year round.

Spice up the dining atmosphere by decorating your chair with red ribbon, mistletoe-like green ribbon, greenery, pinecone and bell. These simple little details add textures and personality to your home.

The combination of green wreath, red ribbon, and nutcrackers is simple yet classic.

How to Choose The Right Window Treatments

As expressed by American architect Louis Kahn, "A room is not a room without natural light", it's essential to choose the right window coverings and blinds for maximum light control and ensure the space feels harmonious through and through.

Window treatments like curtains and blinds are moving toward a simplicity yet stylish trend, with more attentions are given on the functional details such as solar heat and light control, energy efficiency, and child safety feature.

Besides looking for blinds and shades that spice up a home's aesthetic, home owners seek for window treatments that can meet their requirements on home privacy and flexibility to control the desired amount of sunlight flowing through their treasured abode.

There are few important aspects home owners need to examine before deciding which window treatments to go for their home, here are some tips for your consideration.

Light Source
Firstly, we need to look at the location of the windows in the room. If the window faces east, we need to look into window coverings that block off the bright morning sunshine. Whereas for window that faces west, we need products that provide excellent light control from the glaring hot Malaysia's tropical afternoon sun.

Privacy and Function
Identify the level of privacy required in the room—be it the living room, bedroom or bathroom, and choose the products according to your preference. Functionality of the room should be taken into consideration as well, for example, an entertainment room will require window treatments with room darkening fabric, and preferably with sound absorption feature. The level of privacy and function needed will contribute to your choices of window treatment fabric opacities i.e. sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, or opaque.

Style and Colour
Traditional, contemporary, modern, sleek, warm, urban or sophisticated? Choose a window treatment with the type of fabric, colour, and material that complement the style you aim to establish for your abode. Colour do wonders to room sand also affects your mood. Having the right colour combination in rooms can make your day. If you want a long-term, classic window treatment, you may consider choose a neutral color closest to the color of the window trim.

Certain window treatments diffuse harsh sunlight into softened light, creating beautiful gradations of light and shadow in the room; while the colour, fabric folds, textures, and finishes of window treatments enhance the desirable aesthetic preference, for example, plush and soft textures help to create a relaxing space with soft-to-the-touch aesthetic.


Style for Your Dream Kitchen

It's definitely a great way to kick start a day feeling rejuvenated by having breakfast in dining room filled with luminous light, a nice cup of coffee or fresh juice, and pleasant fragrance of Malaysia’s rich variety of breakfast choices, such as nasi lemak, roti canai, toasted bread with soft boiled eggs, cereals, and so much more!

Indeed, kitchen and dining room is where a lot of us kick start our day, which make styling for your dream kitchen and dining room with desired ambience essential. When styling for these areas, lighting is one of the key elements, not only to make sure that key food prep and cooking areas are well lit, but also to create a balance between the natural and artificial lights.

Window coverings such as blinds, shades, or curtains are excellent decorating choice that can help in controlling the light. Read our kitchen decoration essentials for better light control and styling, no matter which kitchen style you choose to go.

Look for Contrast
Natural materials such as wood make a homely, warm kitchen but if you want to add some edge look for a blind, shade, or window covering that can bring that earthiness up to date; we like this punchy cool acqua with a soft oak tone.

Open It Up
Having an open concept kitchen and dining room is surely an effective way to spur interaction between family members, as daily routines of cooking and eating become shared experiences.

Play with Scale
Playing with size is always a great idea to make your space look unique. Most people play it safe, especially when it comes to lighting. These two huge lantern-style pendants give this dining room a completely unique look.

Hit the Deck
If you are lucky enough to have a view to enjoy, floor to ceiling windows can be uncomfortable in the midday sun. Go for blinds, shades, or curtains that have excellent light control function. Like this Silhouette® shades defuse light softly into the room, enabling you to enjoy natural light with unobstructed view to the outside.

Keep It Clean
Venetian blinds in materials such as resilient aluminium keep their shape and are easy to clean; especially essential if they are near a cooker or hob and likely to attract steam and grease.

Double The View
Venetian blinds with MegaView™ design option offers you unprecedented extra view through the window, by collapsing two slats into one when you open it, giving you double the view through the window.

Freshen Up
Blinds and shades are an excellent place to add colour in a white or pared back kitchen space (very useful for softening hard-edged industrial-style spaces), and if the sun decides to turn up, you can open them up and replace with nature's own version.

Dance with Light

Malaysia's abundance of tropical light is both a boon and a bane – it allows for natural illumination throughout a home, but when too harsh, it causes discomfort from glare and heat. In such a situation, choosing the perfect curtains and blinds become essential to create an amicable living space.

Providing high quality, elegant, energy-saving window coverings, Hunter Douglas is your solution to maintaining home privacy while controlling the desired amount of sunlight flowing through your treasured abode.

Let these 6 tips illuminate the way and bring light to every space in your home…

1. Dimmers are your friend – not only are dimmer switches are a brilliant energy saver, they're a fantastic way of changing the mood of a room with just a turn of a switch. Depending on the time of day, the event and the overall ambience, dimmers are the most flexible way of tailoring your lighting.

2. Don't scrimp on your light fixtures – your light fixtures are a great way of making each room in your home look a lot more sophisticated and modern. They'll also last longer and give off a much better light, so they’re definitely worth investing in.

3. Know your wattage – most table lamps and ceiling fixtures are decked out with 75+ watt bulbs, this is often too high when these are for decorative purposes. Instead, swap out these bulbs for 25-40 wattage to make each room look a lot more flattering and inviting.

4. Maximise natural light – especially in your hallway, kitchen and living room, natural light is key to a calm, open space. Replace any heavy curtains with blinds and shades, like the Hunter Douglas Pirouette® window shadings. These give you the flexibility in allowing as much or as little light in as you like.

5. Tailor your lighting to each room's function – decide on the function of each room to help figure out a lighting plan for your home. Whether you’ll be working, eating or relaxing, understanding how each room will be used will aid in plotting out the lighting in each room of your home.

6. Got low ceilings? Send the light upwards – low ceilings can give off harsh lighting if lights are going directly down onto the room. Instead, choose up lighting for low ceilings to help bounce the light off the ceiling and create a greater sense of space. Hunter Douglas Duette® top-down/bottom-up honeycomb shades allow you to lower the blind from the top of the window allowing light in yet retaining privacy. Natural light will bounce off your ceiling into the room.

Tips of Choosing Colours

Colours are known to have a profound effect on more than just the aesthetics of your home, but also the emotional well-being of you and your family. Besides repainting your wall, switching the colour of your curtains and blinds is another quick way of changing the ambience of your lovely adobe.

With the rich cultural heritage in Malaysia, we sure do have lots of festive seasons to celebrate. By having the right colours for your curtains and blinds, you will be able to bring the Malaysia festive mood to live in no time! Here are some tips for you to choose the colour for your curtain, blinds, and shades that best fit your interest.

For living room and foyer, use warm tones like red, yellow, orange; and earth tones like brown and beige. These colours work well in both the living room and foyer as they're though to stimulate conversation. These colours encourage people to sit around and talk because it brings out the warmth feeling and the connectivity with other people.

The colour of the sky and the ocean, blue, is one of the most popular colours. Peaceful, tranquil blue causes the body to produce calming chemicals, so it is perfect to be used in bedroom.

White and warm colours have always been popular choices for bathrooms because they connote cleanliness and purity. It is also light, neutral, and goes with everything!

Red and yellow can be great colours for the kitchen. In addition to stimulating conversation, the red will prompt you to eat more and have better appetite too!